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No matter where you are with your intuitive learning  journey, I'll support you every step along the way with the coaching and guidance you need.

I’m Trina, a professional intuitive, spiritual medium, astrologer, Chinese metaphysics practitioner and author of The Power of 8 Chakra Oracle and blue Lenormand card decks.

Teaching you how to be a Pro Intuitive in a FASTeasy way is my superpower!

Whether you're here because you want to understand yourself and your family,  or to elevate your own life towards abundance ...

I'm here to help you unlock your intuition for success using 
The Cards, Stars and Connecting to Spirit.  

Choose Your Own Psychic Adventure
The Power of 8 Card Reader's Course
Learn to read any type of Oracle & Lenormand cards for laser accurate predictions, clarity and energy healing!

How to Read the BaZi Chart
Unlock the secrets of Chinese metaphysics for career & business success!

How to Chat with Spirit Apps
As seen on my YouTube, learn how to use the most popular apps to have real conversations with Spirit.

The Moon Tree
Intuitive Readings, Oracle Cards & Energy Tools
Go Ahead, Chakrify Yourself!

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  • Learn more about The Power of 8 chakra oracle and Lenormand cards!
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