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When you learn how to read the BaZi chart, you can:

✅ Gain deep insight on your clients, friends, family (and yourself!)
Discover your destiny map and find out your unique super powers, weaknesses and opportunities for wealth, career, spiritual growth, health and soul development 

✅ Align your spiritual business towards success
Use your BaZi chart to get attention, capture leads, acquire more sales and actually make a profit!

Prepare for those lucky 🍀 months  when you’re more attractive to the public for new launches and offerings, for meeting a new love and for travel opportunities

Fill in the gaps …
 Find out what you’re good at (and not so good at) … so that you can learn it … OR just hire it out!

Identify solutions...
Charge more for your readings & keep them coming back for more!
Add some BaZi readings to your existing spiritual healing methods for laser sharp accuracy and high predictive value

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Find out all about your DayMaster in the BaZi chart to discover your unique leadership style!

* Are you a Yang Wood (the progressive one, like Richard Branson of Virgin Mobile
* or maybe you’re Geng Metal (the confident decision maker, like Adele and Queen Elizabeth II) …

Discover your Daymaster for new insights on you!