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Uplevel Your Spiritual Business with BaZi

✨Discover your entrepreneurial destiny and what to do this year to uplevel your intuitive business

Charge more by adding BaZi to your services

Make accurate assessments and energy predictions 

✨Gain deeper insights on yourself, your clients and business partners/employees

✨Fill in the gaps of what you’re missing in your solopreneurship

Discover the best months for new launches, speaking engagements and other wealth-creating business activities  



What's Inside
You'll get access to video lessons, coaching and downloads in your private client dashboard

📊 Step By Step video lessons

📋 Printable cheatsheets 

⭐️ Zoom group coaching calls


🪄 Discounts on future courses and products

☕️ A private member chat forum (not on Facebook)

❤️ A community of like-minded spiritual entrpreneurs to network with!

✔️ Mobile and tablet friendly

✔️ Work at your own pace

✔️ A positive, supportive, social media-free learning environment
Destiny is a Choice.

Meet Your Host Trina:
A life and business intuitive advisor.

After spending ALOT of money on various spiritual and intuitive courses …

I finally started my intuitive consulting business. It was great for my spirit, (but I was used to making a lot more money in science and technology.)

And then one day I found Chinese metaphysics. 

BaZi changed the game for me. 

Combining BaZi with my other reading modalities created much more insight and opportunities I never would have imagined. 

My clients couldn’t believe how accurate I was!

I could get more done in less time, charge more and align my own business towards a profitable path.

The cool thing about BaZi is that you don’t even need to be intuitive to read the chart!

It’s a blueprint of your destiny in this lifetime. 

It’s a map of your best careers and industries, insights into your relationships with others, your soul’s purpose, your skills and weaknesses, your future money opportunities, personality traits … 

with all the SOLUTIONS on one chart.

My mission is to share this powerful ancient knowledge to help you uplevel your own life and business to greater heights …just like I did … with the help of BaZi.  

Hope to see you in the course!

My Clients Love Me

And they’ll love YOU too!

(The secret is adding BaZi to your readings!)

"Trina is the real deal. She gives accurate readings with a lot of details. She has many gifts and is good at what she does. I highly recommend her. ♥️”

Cindy Banko Stringer

"Just received my intuitive wealth reading! ABSOLUTELY LOVED every minute of it. Trina gave me so much insight, inspiration and advice. I have learned so much from this reading! You are AMAZING, thank you so very much Trina, you have helped me tap into a whole new way of thinking! So excited to work on my new future and working on a more successful life now.”

Jennifer Cattaruzza

The BaZi for Business program has launched! 
Destiny is a Choice.

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